Looking to grow by acquisition or in need of additional capital to fund strategic organic growth? ReSolve can open the door by providing for your specific needs, either by direct investment or by co-ordinated introductions to third party specialist lenders and investors.

I approached ReSolve on the introduction of my solicitors and saw reason for their awards after meeting with Cameron and Mark. I was concerned with wages for my 40 staff due in less than one week - ReSolve provided me with urgent funding allowing me to pay the wages and keep the business trading. I am very grateful for the quick turnaround and direction from ReSolve in saving my business.

Managing Director, transportation business

Case Study

ReSolve recently acted on the sale of a Yorkshire based software reseller and IT consultancy firm. The Company traded profitably, generated a turnover of circa £130m and was a market leading provider of technology services and solutions to private and

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Planning your current and future finances? ReSolve offers a combination of capital and debt finance to support your organisation’s development and growth from inception to long-term success.

I was introduced to ReSolve at Christmas when my existing bank had frozen facilities. Seeking insolvency advice and concerned about the jobs of my loyal staff, ReSolve were always open and honest and have continued to do everything they promised. They moved quickly, providing the finance to save my business and continue to help implement a successful turnaround. I am very pleased to be working with ReSolve and look forward to many more years in partnership.

Simon Craddock, CEO, On Sight Limited

Case Study

The Company, which operated in the TV and Film camera hire and post production sector, turned over circa £6 million. The challenge of raising additional working capital to meet increased demand put significant pressure on cash flow. This is exactly

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Needing to balance equity and debt funding? ReSolve provides fixed term loans or bond based capital to deliver significant business growth and address shorter term financial needs.

I was given ReSolve’s name when I required finance for winter stock. My suppliers wanted an upfront payment to deliver in time. Had I missed the deadline for payment, the orders would not have been made resulting in the business ceasing to trade. ReSolve did everything they said they would do and ultimately lent me the funding required. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone requiring funding.

CEO, chain of retail stores

Case Study

Orbital Sound Limited is an audiovisual equipment hire and sales company based in London. ReSolve was introduced to Orbital by the Company’s solicitor. They had suffered in recent years due to a poor investment in a US subsidiary which had

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Heading towards a financial hurdle? ReSolve can provide the funding to finance your growth, deal with temporary cash flow issues or handle unexpected business expenses.

I speak from our own experience on ReSolve which has only been positive When our chips were definitely down (and virtually out) they provided help and an incentive to drive the business forward. It wasn’t just a one-time involvement but a continuing supportive presence as professional advisors and with on-site participation. I strongly recommend them to any potential business in need of such services and will always be indebted to Cameron and ReSolve.

Lee Reading, Managing Director of Javelin Plastics

Case Study

Context  A European hi-tech business in the media and entertainment sector  was undergoing a financial clean-up of its UK operations with its accountants .  The Company had been acquired by a group in previous years but was still receiving burdening

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Contemplating a financial transaction? ReSolve can identify opportunities as well as providing research, due diligence, co-ordination and communication services, enabling you to balance risk with reward whatever the circumstances.

We approached ReSolve to help us achieve the best possible value for our distressed business. They provided us with options to consider including re-financing and a complete re-structure. Providing advice on how to negotiate with our creditors, they were a calm, assured voice during a distressing time. The service provided was excellent, taking a massive weight off our shoulders - I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Michael Lee, Managing Director, Electronics Business

Case Study

ReSolve recently acted on the sale of a Yorkshire based software reseller and IT consultancy firm. The Company traded profitably, generated a turnover of circa £130m and was a market leading provider of technology services and solutions to private and

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Looking to restructure all or part of the business? ReSolve brings an independent perspective and experience to make effective and high-impact changes to your business structure and models.

My retail firm had been struggling due to the economic climate and outlet location. With ReSolve's assistance in restructuring, my business has now gone from strength to strength. They kept a high regard for all individuals concerned in the process and made a stressful situation very easy. I have no hesitation in recommending ReSolve to anyone who might be thinking about a similar restructure.

Mak Habibiyan, Retailer

Case Study

ReSolve recently acted on the sale of a Yorkshire based software reseller and IT consultancy firm. The Company traded profitably, generated a turnover of circa £130m and was a market leading provider of technology services and solutions to private and

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Needing an injection of capital? Working with business owners and managers, ReSolve can help plan, source and direct finance or refinancing for your company’s short and longer-term needs.

Our experience of ReSolve has been consistently excellent. We have always found their work to be of a high standard, backed by common sense and highly commercial advice. They show professionalism in striving to achieve the right outcome for all stakeholders. I would recommend them to anyone.

Director, National Asset Based Lender

Case Study

ReSolve was approached by a well-known private equity house for advice following a funding request from one of its portfolio companies which operated in the environmental services market. The target Company’s trading history was unstable, its management team was ineffectual

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Dealing with the threat of insolvency? For organisations in financial distress, ReSolve leaves no stone unturned to ensure all available options are considered either preceding or during insolvency.

My experience of working with ReSolve ran smoothly from  the first time I met with them to completion. Sympathetic of my circumstance, they offered commercial advice which regained faith in the long term survival of my business.  The whole team are efficient and professional and were on hand at any time of day to answer my queries.  I would urge any Director with the slightest concern about their organisation's future to contact ReSolve.

Mr R, Group Finance Director, Laser Eye Surgery

Case Study

Context  Salt Engineering Limited (the Company) was incorporated in January 1983 and the Coventry-based business had been trading since 1945. A,a manufacturer of tools and precision engineering equipment, Salt served a number of significant industries, including aerospace, automotive, power generation

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We bring innovative expertise and accessible capital together for our Partners and our Client businesses.

Working with Partners

To achieve the best value for our clients we need the best combination of skills and expertise through a trusted network of law, accountancy and finance specialists.

We have shared client objectives and support any practice with our own team and back office.

It’s a fusion of mutual benefit and we have a structured programme to maintain effective engagement with insight, case studies and events including the ReSolve Forum.

Working with corporates

Businesses have life-cycles within which there are key tipping points. ReSolve helps identify transformational opportunities at the right time with restructuring, turnaround and growth plans.

We work hand in hand with the owners, management and stakeholders of businesses from agile turnaround situations to corporates needing structural simplification.

Our goal is to bring our access to capital and advisory expertise to businesses with a goal of creating remarkable value.


Whatever your sector, we have the expertise and capital to create remarkable value

Access to capital

ReSolve operates a principal-owned fund that invests in UK based enterprises needing a cash injection. This specialist mid-cap recovery fund has structure and accessibility designed for recovery situations where working capital is critical, allowing us to move rapidly to ensure the business gains the investment and support required.

Advisory expertise

Our principals have been advising businesses of all sizes and sectors for over a decade on how to find value in a business lifecycle when it seems most remote.

Whether you need working capital, debt management, HMRC liaison or restructuring support, our team will pinpoint solutions and execute quickly and sensitively.

Committed to success over time

Too many recovery programmes are fleeting and as a consequence, unsustainable. ReSolve principals will look at the long term sustainability of a business plan and provide either the capital from our mid-cap recovery fund or services from our advisory practice to take the business through the recovery phase and into stability. We take value from that success as do the stakeholders.


Creating remarkable value

Through an injection of critical expertise and accessible capital ReSolve creates remarkable value for its business partners, clients and investments. We align our interests with those of the stakeholders and commit fully to achieve success for all with a thriving business our ultimate goal.

Getting time on our side

The enemy of successful restructuring is time. We will work quickly to put immediate support in place. We can then commit our teams and capital to ensure plans are followed through, change embedded and liquidity remains strong.

A commitment to collaborative success

Of all the stakeholders involved in a turnaround, there may be conflicting objectives. We will work across the board to create the best opportunity for a consensual outcome and continue the collaborative approach through to stabilising the business and returning value.


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