Our Merger & Acquisitions specialist expertise is demonstrated through more than two decades of helping corporates and their owners generate value.

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From our decision to pursue this exit route, it was achieved in under 4 months….a strong testament to the professionalism of the advisory team involved….

Managing Partner mid-cap private equity fund

Case Study

Asked to advise an established private equity fund on the exit of its joint-controlling shareholding in a leading healthcare services company, David Hill managed a dual-track exit process, attracting competing offers from notable private equity and UHNW investors. It culminated

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If you’re looking to grow by acquisition, or require additional capital to fund organic growth or as part of a refinancing, ReSolve can advise you on optimal sources of capital.  Our equity capital raising team will help you to prepare and access capital.

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The significant investment constitutes a powerful acknowledgement of the outstanding progress made and milestones achieved since the IPO...

Chairman, International Company

Case Study

Essex-based Proficient Security specialises in providing security services to a range of clients including Embassies, HNWIs, construction and education firms, with a £5m yearly turnover. The security services industry suffers from an inherent cash flow challenge – many firms face

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If you’re looking to restructure all or part of your business, ReSolve can help plan, source and direct finance or refinancing for the short and longer-term business needs. We bring our independent perspective and experience to make effective and high-impact changes to your business structure and models.

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Our experience of ReSolve has been consistently excellent. We have always found their work to be of a high standard, backed by common sense and highly commercial advice. They show professionalism in striving to achieve the right outcome for all stakeholders. I would recommend them to anyone.

Director, National Asset Based Lender

Case Study

A well-known private equity house was willing to finance one of its portfolio companies but the package of new investment was rejected by the Company’s bank. The target Company was operating in the environmental services market. Its trading history was

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If you’re looking to grow by acquisition or in need of additional capital to fund a breakthrough strategy for organic growth, ReSolve can open the door. Our partner-backed mid-cap investment fund can be accessed directly or we can co-ordinate introductions to a wider set of third party specialist lenders and investors.

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ReSolve immediately understood our business and the issues we faced and then worked tirelessly to ensure the transaction completed quickly so we can now focus on our clients growing needs.

Managing Director of a company in the Entertainment sector

Case Study

In 2015 ReSolve was approached by a solicitor whose client, Javelin Plastics in the engineering sector was facing administration due to growing creditor pressure and a lack of working capital. Whilst the Company had a strong trading history, its management

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Q&A with Simon Harris – MLS and wider security considerations

On 22 June 2017, the government published the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017. The new Regulations came into force on Monday 26 June 2017 after a short period of consultation, with the Government claiming a cost to the UK of £24bn annually because of serious and organised crime.

We asked Partner Simon Harris of the importance of these new rules and how, three months after launch, they are impacting day-to-day operations at ReSolve:

Q: Were these changes expected?

SH: Many of them have been in discussion for some years but the perceived increase in terrorist activity across Europe has undoubtedly focused the minds of treasury enforcement agencies. The rules have pushed greater obligations on checks and assessments onto the financial services industry to ensure money changing hands is from a legitimate source and will not be used to fund criminal and/or terror acts. The implementation was pushed through quickly and that does have implications.

Q: What impact do they have on day to day activity?

SH:  We are a compliance-heavy industry, so undoubtedly, any new introduction of rules creates new processes and takes up time. We have also had to consider systems implications so we can be consistent in the implementation of the new processes as well as reviewing our whole client base. There has been good guidance which we have shared internally and there seems to be a pragmatism from regulators on how the changes are rolled out. As you can imagine it is not a small task but we have embedded implementation of the rules into our new project work whilst we review our existing base.

Q: Is there more we can be doing to assist the Government in restricting the funding of terror acts?

SH:  At ReSolve we are actively developing our services in this area and believe the whole area around cyber terrorism and money laundering is a core due diligence issue when assessing any transaction or assignment. There is still an education job to be done in the industry so the more we engage in active discussion, the better. The good news is there is no resistance to the changes and associated guidance and key players are taking it seriously.

Q: Any parting advice for firms in this sector.

SH:  The burden of compliance and regulation is not going to go away anytime soon. It is best to think of it like airport security – if you want to catch your flight you have to pass through security, it cannot be avoided. It’s as simple as that. You cannot take off on an assignment or transaction unless you have completed all the necessary security checks.

The guidance is here and of course you can call or email me if you have any specific questions in confidence.


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