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ReSolve returns Swimming Nature to family ownership

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ReSolve returns Swimming Nature to family ownership

Eduardo Ferré, the founder of Swimming Nature, has the philosophy that being in water should be as natural as being out and a real desire for people to regard water as their friend. This belief forms the mainstay of his teaching approach and, as a result, Swimming Nature is the largest and most respected independent provider of bespoke swimming tuition in the UK.

In October 2019 Swimming Nature sought working capital, as well as expert advice, to expand its offering and achieve its ambitious goal of expanding across the UK. ReSolve saw the potential and passion in the family business and agreed to enter a joint partnership to replace existing lenders and introduce working capital..

A strategy was developed to stabilise the business, increase focus on more profitable demographics and improve internal processes. With support from ReSolve, stronger links were formed with the Swimming Teachers Association which changed the dynamic of the outreach opportunity. A change in emphasis to marketing via chatter on social media was successfully instigated to take full advantage of personal word-of-mouth recommendations. An internal Academy was also established to imbed the bespoke teaching methodology and further strengthen the culture that is the heart of Swimming Nature.

With the support of ReSolve the business was successfully turned around and, in April 2021, the Ferré family was able to re-take full ownership of the company as was always intended.

John Walsh, Partner, ReSolve commented:

‘We are thrilled that we have exited our equity stake in Swimming Nature by selling it back to family ownership. During the investment period Swimming Nature met its objectives, including stabilising the business and increasing profitability. Swimming Nature is now well placed to emerge from COVID lockdown stronger than ever. It was a pleasure to work with Swimming Nature and we wish the Ferré family and staff the best as they continue to bring the joy of swimming to more than 5,000 children every week.’

Eduardo Ferré, Founder and Director of Swimming Nature added:

‘We are very grateful to ReSolve for its support during the latest stage in our growth strategy. Its thoughtful counsel and financial resources have been vital to our success.’

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