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Sale of Skills Matter

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Sale of Skills Matter

Skills Matter delivers a networking platform for technology creators, adopters and companies to share the latest technology insights, experience and skills to accelerate the development of new technologies.

It also co-ordinates a variety of premium technology workshops, lectures, seminars and peer events within a dedicated venue in London.

Skills Matter has been trading for over fifteen years and is an established brand in the market, partnering with various global organisations. It has 60 employees and over 20,000 loyal followers on social media.

Following appointment, the business was traded for a short period of time (including the hosting of two conferences) whilst a purchaser was sought.  Due to issues surrounding the lease, an extended marketing campaign was required and ultimately the Company was divided into two distinct business units in order to achieve two separate sales, one for the ‘Skills Matter’ part of the business and the other for event hire business, which included the return of the rent deposit.

The Skills Matter Company business was sold to Quad4 Group Limited which was formed by a group of entrepreneurs with a history in supporting technology, skills transfer and community with a mission to promote and provide world class solutions to tech professionals across the world and support learning and innovation.

A separate sale of the CodeNode division of the business took place including a transfer of the lease to the CodeNode conference venue — the largest specialist tech conference venue in London — and sale of selected IT and AV equipment to CodeNode Space & Events, a Trifork Group company. Trifork is one of the original investors in CodeNode.

The sales resulted in funds being available for a substantial distribution to be made to the secured creditors.  In addition a number of jobs were saved after the new businesses re-hired several of the Company’s former staff.

Quad4 Group CEO, Frank Rodorigo, commented:

‘I am proud to be able to relaunch this important community platform and work with the Skills Matter team. I’ve been a long-time admirer of what they have done and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get to work….We don’t simply want to restore this community and platform, we want to help it grow and see it flourish.’

‘We are very pleased to have been able to secure a sale of the business and assets of Skills Matter. The company was very well-respected and it is particularly pleasing that the technology community will continue to be supported by the new purchasers.’

Mark Supperstone, Managing Partner, ReSolve

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