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ReSolve raises £100M special situations fund

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ReSolve raises £100M special situations fund

ReSolve is pleased to announce the launch of their £100M special situations investment fund.  In partnership with RoundShield, a major European investment institution, this will significantly increase ReSolve’s ability to assist businesses seeking support and investment.

The economic challenges and uncertainty created by COVID-19 and Brexit have led to many quality companies needing exactly the services that ReSolve has become known for, such as corporate finance and simplification, restructuring, refinancing, and investment. This partnership will enable ReSolve to reach out to many more of those businesses and provide expert knowledge, experience and greater financial backing.

ReSolve has a strong and successful track record of investing in UK-based enterprises that require working capital and access to both short- and long-term finance. Sector agnostic, but with particular expertise in helping businesses experiencing challenging corporate situations, ReSolve understands that timing is crucial as is being able to make funding decisions quickly. Once invested, ReSolve acts as a partner with the investee company, working alongside the management team to help fulfil its plans and ambitions as well as maximise opportunities.

ReSolve will seek opportunities across all sectors that share some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Mid-cap investments up to approximately £20 million
  • Unique, stressed or orphan situations
  • Businesses with otherwise successful business models that are existentially threatened by COVID-19 and/or Brexit
  • Businesses that need additional investment and support to achieve their business plans
  • Businesses in need of rescue

Ken Browne, Partner at ReSolve, said:

“The current economic environment means there are many viable SME businesses which find themselves in an existential crisis due to the double whammy of COVID-19 and Brexit. ReSolve’s approach to such situations is always empathetic, practical and swift. We quickly invest cash and help implement a business plan thereby enabling management to stabilise the organisation, deliver solid performance, and build for the future, whether this involves divestment, rescue or redeveloping the business model. We take a hands-on approach and we are there to build value, not extract it.”

The substantial increase in firepower which we have just achieved means we can bring strength and resources to good but, due to the circumstances, financially challenged businesses. We welcome all opportunities and look forward to helping the country’s SMEs, which are the backbone of the UK economy.

Cameron Gunn, Senior Partner, ReSolve

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