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Mark Supperstone, Managing Partner

Mark co-founded ReSolve in 2006 and holds the position of Managing Partner.

A Certified Accountant and licensed UK Insolvency Practitioner Mark is recognised as a trusted adviser.  For over fifteen years he has worked with a variety of UK and International businesses across a wide range of sectors. The clarity of his commercial approach is critical in time-limited restructuring and investment scenarios – to which he also brings a calming influence that benefits all stakeholders.

Mark is also actively involved in the ReSolve partner-backed investment fund which invests in UK-based enterprises which require working capital and access to short and longer-term finance.

He has been involved in the majority of ReSolve’s investments since inception and is proud of the firm’s track record in successfully saving businesses and with it a significant number of employee jobs.

Mark is driven by making businesses thrive and grow – over his career he has been involved in the creation and sustaining of over 20,000 jobs. As well as the corporate restructures that form the majority of his work he also takes pride in the more personal approach – saving tens of jobs in a group of nursery schools in South West London that had previously been placed into administration, as well as securing 500 children’s places.

His family and sport provide a balance to Mark’s commitment at work, enjoying playing tennis, squash and football. He is also a keen follower of Liverpool FC – just to add a little pressure to his life.

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